Small Business Spotlight: Harry’s Pizza and Subs

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Pizza is no doubt one of the most enjoyable foods on the planet. Around 43% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. Of course there is always the dilemma of which toppings to include on your slice or pie, often becoming a passionate debate as it comes time to order. There are all the different crust options to choose from: pan, thin, regular, stuffed, etc. And then there are differing schools of thought on if some toppings should even be considered by anyone to go on a pizza, pineapples for example.
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Benvenuto to the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Atlanta

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Since 1958, the nationwide Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) has been creating strong relationships and offering unique experiences for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts across the United States. The Alfa Romeo Owners Club has 46 chapters throughout the country that share news, events, and happenings for those with an affinity for the Italian automaker. Luckily for Georgians, a local chapter exists right in our backyard – the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Atlanta.
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Small Business Spotlight: Meals by China, LLC.

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When it comes to hosting a happy hour, inviting friends and family over for dinner, or even just making a meal for yourself, who doesn’t stress over what to have on the menu? How do you steal the show at your next dinner party with a healthy mouth-watering meal? One solution is giving MealsbyChina a call.
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