Alfa Romeo isn't resting on its laurels with the Giulia

Since arriving back in the States, the Alfa Romeo Giulia (pronounced 'Julia', for those who didn't study Italian in high school) has been stealing hearts left and right. Its style is a delicious blend of seductive and charming, and when you press down on the pedal you'll get a pleasing engine growl.

Even though we're an Alfa Romeo dealership, we'd like to point out that our appreciation for the Giulia isn't merely a bias. In fact, the sports sedan received so much praise that it was named Motor Trend's 2018 Car of the Year!

With a solid fan base and prestigious award, we wouldn't necessarily blame Alfa Romeo for coasting along with this popular model. Thankfully, they aren't keen on pressing the metaphorical cruise control button and they've already got fresh plans for the Giulia.


The 2019 LA Auto Show is more than a year away, and Alfa Romeo is eager to have a 2-door version of the Giulia to show off. Powering the coupe will be a recovery system like one found on a Formula One racer. They also plan on developing two new engines— a 2.0L turbocharged and a 2.9L twin-turbocharged V6.

Yes, it'll be some time before we finally get to see this all-new Giulia in its glory, but we'll \provide updates. In the meantime, check out this recent Giulia video Alfa Romeo posted to their YouTube account. Poetic, indeed.

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