New Alfa Romeo Stelvio Makes No Compromises


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Some devout sports car enthusiasts are afraid that opting for an SUV means giving up any semblance of a fun drive. We want to allay those fears: the Stelvio is an SUV unlike any other, and it provides excitement aplenty.

You Can Have It All


The Stelvio models range from delightfully high-performance to electrifyingly thrilling. Considering Alfa Romeo's long history of race heritage, it's impossible for the automaker to produce something that's just adequate. The Stelvio may have a spacious trunk, but you'd never know it when you look at its Nürburgring lap times or drive it around Atlanta.

The 40/20/40 split folding rear seats allow for flexibility in the Stelvio. The family can enjoy a spirited drive or a long road trip, and you can transport all manner of sports equipment. The Stelvio gives you all the practicality and function of an SUV, along with the feel of an Italian sports car.

If you're after an attractive luxury SUV, the Stelvio is a top contender. It's gorgeous, fun to drive, and can accommodate the whole family. It can be your only vehicle and you won't feel like you're missing out on anything- you'll just feel a bit bad for anyone who hasn't discovered the joys that the Stelvio offers.

Find an Alfa Romeo Stelvio in Atlanta


We strongly suggest you visit our Alfa Romeo showroom and form your own opinions. We'd be happy to send you on a test drive so you can get a feel for this inimitable SUV. Just please don't try to match its Nürburgring times with laps on I-285.


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